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Adult Sailing Program

Interested in learning to sail?  Busy schedule that won't permit a week or other extended period of time for classes?  We can help.  Schedule your class(es) with one on one instruction at mutually convenient times with various members of our club who have many years of sailboat racing experience.  Your sailing training class(es) could be scheduled on any day or time, convenient to all and weather permitting. 


Your classroom instruction will include vocabulary, theory, technique, racing rules, etc.  This can be followed with on the water experience and more instruction. 


We have four different classes of boats available for instruction: Interlake, Snipe, Laser, and Sunfish. 


Sailing and racing sailboats, offers great fun for you and your family, and you can easily learn to do it! 


Stop by summer Sundays between 10 and 2 to find out more.    Let’s go sailing now…!


Classes will resume next spring.

Picture of Sunfish A Sunfish on the lake

2006 Youth Sailing Program Pictures and movies

Tips to getting the most out of our course


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Sailing requires that the sailor learn how to tie knots. Brian Toss has created an excellent reference which we recommend that you visit before starting our course. Minimally you should know how to tie a bowline.

Boat Parts

Sailing also requires that you learn the names of different parts of the boat. Knowing the right name for a sail line or other boat component can make the difference in keeping your boat upright.

Guess the name and then click on the Snipe boat part shown below to see if your guess is right. The correct part name is:

Snipe photo