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Rules and Regulations

All new members, both Flag and Associate, are urged to acquaint themselves with the rules of the Island Club to which all P.L.Y.C. members belong, and to observe same. A copy of the House Committee Rules is available on this web site in the member area. Make reservations for Wednesday dinners no later than preceeding Monday at 330-644-7797. Cancelled reservations should be phoned to the Club.

Dock and Mooring

Parents of small children shall supervise them, keeping them off the docks and sea-wall unless attended by adults.

After racing, skippers who wet-dock are requested to berth their boats as soon as convenient. Skippers who have already docked their boats, before leaving the docks shall, if necessary, assist other boats in docking.

Boats shall dock according to the chart issued by the Dock Committee. Mooring lines must be of adequate strength.

All boats which are dry docked shall have cradles which are adequate to support the boats to eliminate the possibility of damage to adjacent boats.

No personal property or refuse is to be left on the docks, sea-wall, or on the lawn.

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Racing Rules

All races shall he sailed under the U.S. Sailing Assoc. rules. All protests must be filed in accordance with U.S. Sailing Assoc. rules. The Race Committee will hear and decide all protests.

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Local Racing Rules All Fleets

  1. Any yacht leaving the dock after the 3 minute signal for the class in which she races, and intends to race, shall notify and receive acknowledgement from the race starter.
  2. The number displayed on the flag pole designates the race course. unless a race committee boat is used. Race course marks 1. 2, and 3 are speed lane bouys circled with bright orange tape. Mark 4 is the single flag, which is placed off shore in the small lake west of the P.L.Y.C.
  3. P.L.Y.C. Shorten Course & Time Limit for completing individual fleet races:
    1. Individual racing skippers shall keep track of the racing time from their FLEET RACE START SIGNAL. If on any race lap, the lead racing yacht approaches mark No. 1 with an elapsed time greater than 1 hour from the fleet race start signal, then the lead yacht and the rest of that fleet shall round mark No. 1, leaving it to Port and proceed to the finish line,
    2. The minimum length of a Regular P.L.Y.C. Race shall consist of rounding 3 course marks, not including the starting and finishing lines.
    3. If the lead yacht takes longer than 2 hours from the starting signal to finish the race course, that race shall he abandoned,
    4. If the lead yacht has not finished by 1:30 P.M. , that race shall be abandoned.
    5. If visible lightning is sighted during any in progress P.L.Y.C. race, that race shall be abandoned automatically.
    6. The signal for abandonment of a race shall be 3 horn blasts sounded after the start of a race.
  4. P.L.Y.C. recommends that PFD’s, be used by all sailing participants in all PLYC races.
  5. The 720 Rule shall be used in all P.L.Y.C. Races, (1997-2000) International Yacht Racing Rules. Rule 44.2.
  6. The title to all trophies is in the name of the Portage Lakes Yacht Club and only Flag Members and Active Associate Members as set forth in the Code of Regulations are eligible to receive same.

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P.L.Y.C. Crash Boat

Each member is on notice that he or she is not to rely on P.L.Y.C. to provide such assistance and that any such assistance is the voluntary act of the individual(s) involved.

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Rendering Assistance While Racing

The first rule of the sea demands that sailors render assistance to boats or persons in distress. It is necessary at times that yachts while racing must do so and should be able to assist without prejudicing their racing position.

The following rules will apply in such cases:

A yacht that goes to the assistance of a vessel in distress, and thereby prejudices her racing position by reason of the attempt to assist the vessel in distress shall have the three (3) following options open to her regarding the scoring of her finish position in the race:

  1. She may take her actual finish position;
  2. She may have her race scored as a DID NOT SAIL;
  3. She can he awarded her position at the time she makes a substantial alteration in the normal course to render assistance to a vessel in distress, or if the posit ion at the time she makes the alteration in course cannot be determined by the RACE COMITTEE, her position at the time she rounded the last mark shall he awarded to her. However, the assisting yacht shall have completed at least fifty percent (50%) of the course marks, including the start and finish marks, as scheduled in the race. The RACE COMMITTEE shall determine the allowable final position as defined herein.

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P.L.Y.C. and Member Obligations and Liabilities

Recogonizing that sailing and sailboat racing are potentially risky activities, skippers and their crews(s) are individually responsible for their decision to sail, and understand and accept that the consequences which can result there from are their own and are not the responsibilities of P.L.Y.C., ITS MEMBERS, OR THE RACE COMMITTEE, etc. While sailing or while in the preparation for sailing, each individual skipper, crew, or guest passenger of the skipper shall he solely responsible for his or her own safety and safety precautions.

Each skipper, crew, or guest who participates in P.L.Y.C.’s sailing or racing activities shall assume the complete risk of participation and shall save the Club, its Officers, Members, and Committees harmless from any liability.

There is no obligation to attempt a rescue and any attempt so made shall be deemed a voluntary, humanitarian act of the individual volunteer(s). Individuals, racing skippers and/or their crews have the right to reject a rescue attempt if offered a rescuer.

The P.L.Y.C. Race Committee serves only in an advisory capacity in all aspects of racing.

P.L..Y.C. encourages members to take their own safety precautions. P.L.Y.C. MEMBERS are responsible for informing their crews and guests regarding the above risks and safety obligations.

U.S. Sailing Assoc. Rule 1.1 Helping Those in Danger. A boat or competitor shall give all possible help to any person or vessel in danger.

If the yacht requiring assistance is of the same class and is in the same race as the yacht rendering assistance, the assisted yacht shall not he included in the determination of the assisting yacht’s position.

Any yacht that accepts outside assistance shall he awarded a DID NOT FINISH, or it she persists in racing after accepting outside assistance, the assisted yacht shall be DISQUALIFIED.

The assisting yacht shall notify the RACE COMMITTEE promptly after the race of her election of an option as specified herein.


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The Commodore or whomever he may designate is empowered to provide a Race Starter. The Race Committee has been empowered to experiment with various starting lines and courses.

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Racing Course

Bitmap of race course
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