PLYC Burgee

Sailing for Akron and Canton, Ohio
Portage Lakes Yacht Club
where we love to sail...

Portage Indian

Weather National weather service site
North Sails Sail maker of choice for our Snipe fleet. Also, has excellent tuning information for Snipe, Interlakes and other one design boats.
West Marine Good source for boat rigging
US Sailing Official US Sailing Organization web site.
Sailing Experts Sailing World magazine experts on racing rules, tactics and techniques, and book reviews.
America's Cup America's cup museum
Model Ships Model sail and other boats
Model Yachts American Model Yachting Association
Snipe Internatinal Official International Snipe class web site
Snipe US Official USA Snipe class web site
SailorTaylor Great Snipe boat covers from a local Ohio company.
Interlake Official Interlake class web site
Sailboat Manufacturers Good list of sailboat manufacturers
Tall Ships List of Tall Ships
Portsmouth Ratings Small Sailboat Racing Handicaps