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Portage Indian

2006 Holiday Party Photos

JR Hand photos of the annual PLYC holiday party hosted by Bill and Ione Cowen in their home in west Akron. Click on the link to view the photos.

2006 Photos

JR Hand and Richard Kevern have served as official club photograghers. See on the water pictures as well as photos from our awards banquet. Click on the link to view the photos.

2006 Sailing School Photos

2006 marked the first year of the PLYC Junior Sailing Program. Photos and some movies of that week can be found by clicking on the above link. If you are interested in learning to sail or having your children or grandchildren learn how to sail, visit our sailing school page.

Pre-2005 Made by "Hand" Photos

JR Hand has been a member of the PLYC for over 30 years (we wont say exactly how long as his continued support is needed...) In those years his camera has been very active, capturing many of the best moments on our lake. Click on the link to view his photo archive and some other photos.

PLYC ScrapBook Photos (under construction)

Since the beginning of the PLYC story, Ann McBride, wife of Daniel McBride one of the charter members, kept a scrapbook. That scrap book details the sailing and social functions on Portage Lakes from 1936 through to 1983, providing a very unique perspective of the Turkeyfoot Island Club, and the evolution of the Snipe and Interlake One Design sailing classes.