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Interlake Fleet No. 6


The usual Intertake warning signal will be at 10:30 A.M. with the starting time at 10:36 A.M. The second race shall be held as soon as practicable after the conclusion of the first race.


All owners of Interlake Class boats must he members in good standing of I.S.C.A. for their racing scores to be recorded. The owner or co-owner must skipper the boat in all races other than the ‘Boat Series’. Guests may race by invitation, but shall not be counted in computing points for awards.

Two qualified starters shall constitute a race.


The Season Series shall include all the first races sailed, excluding special events and the Holiday Series. This series shall he divided into the Spring Series (May and June). Summer Series (July and August) and Fall Series (September and October).

The Holiday Series shall include the two races sailed on the legally designated holidays of Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, and the Sunday nearest these days.

The Boat Series shall include the second race sailed on the days of the Season Series. The winner of the Boat Series must participate in at least one half of the races sailed.

Qualified skippers must sail in at least half of the races sailed during the Season Series, to be eligible for a Season Series award. To be eligible for an award in the Spring, Summer, or Fall Series, qualified skippers must sail in one half of the races sailed in the individual series for which an award is sought. A skipper may receive only one Spring, Summer, or Fall series award during the season.

Points for the above series shall he awarded for the finishing position a boat takes in a race. DNF shall receive last place and DSQ shall receive one place below last place. The skipper’s score for the above series shall consist of the total number of points divided by the number of races in which he sailed.

Qualified skippers must sail in at least two-thirds of the Holiday races sailed to be eligible for an award in tile overall Holiday Series. Points shall he awarded as above, except the first place shall receive three quarters of a point. A skipper’s six best scores shall be added and divided by the number of races, tip to six. Scores for the individual holidays shall be kept in a like manner, except that the three best scores shall count for that holiday. Winning an award for any individual holiday shall disqualify a skipper from winning an award on any subsequent holiday that year, hut not as to the overall Holiday Series.